What The Float: Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Float

It's floating dance party time again! August 4th, your resident Masterfloaters take to the streets of West Hollywood to lead you on a never-before-seen audio/visual adventure led by our Floaty Glowmother, Holly Hale!

What's a “floating dance party”, you ask? It's kind of like a dance club, except without walls, borders, or limits. It's mind-expanding, heart-pumping, booty-shaking glory. It's all the best parts of dancing on your own or being part of a giant rave, with none of the downsides of either. It's FLOAT.

We'll meet at Fiesta Cantina (8865 Santa Monica Blvd) no later than 9:00pm for drink specials and check-in, but from there we’ll explore the night and the city as the music inspires us, dancing through streets, plazas, parks, and more.

The music - mixed by mad float scientists - will be piped directly into your brains via our GLOWING HEADPHONES.

To everyone else, we'll seem completely silent. All of Los Angeles will will become an endless surreal dancefloor, the mild-mannered will become fearless booty-shaking superstars, and the night will be ours. You will experience the streets of the city in entirely new ways. The power of the FLOAT will swell within you, and you’ll give yourself entirely to the dance in a way you never dreamed was possible.

Getcha tickets soon before ticket prices increase


Brady Richards