Brady Dalton Richards

Brady Dalton Richards: (proper noun) Performer person living in Los Angeles and dancing in the background. Found within: new projects, training, musical concoctions, floating dance party nonsense. Thanks for visiting <3


"I don't know if it was act or what, but it sure was effective"

-Robert Ripley / my high school yearbook

Brady identifies as actor, lover and player of music, queer, rider of rhythm, climber, and explorer of the vibrant and prickly. He probably wants to make something with you.

He did the growing up smack dab in the middle of the state of Maryland. Music, dance and theater lead the charge toward creative-personing, furthered and fine tuned at Syracuse University, earning his BFA in Acting. He seized opportunities to live in both NYC and LA, work in a professional company, devise and perform original work, make movies, run a radio show with two of his best friends and get to know the artist he was becoming. New York City happened shortly after, a time marked by Off-Off Broadway gigs, art pieces, short films, fine Indian cuisine, sparkly friends and lots of dancing.


"...the maniacal Brady Richards handed us a tour-de-force the likes of which you’d hand to Shakespeare."

for Stephen in Line


"Brady Richards mesmerizes as the smug, very young braniac...You admire and despise him at the same time..."

for Stephen in Line


"...Our favorite was our waiter, Brady, who couldn't have been more charming and endearing."

~ FrannyGP on TripAdvisor


"...amazingly talented young cast—with Brady Richards completely embodying the essence of the iconic Kerouac."

for Jack Kerouac in Beatniks



"Richards is the show’s intellectual bad boy and struts and carries a sharp wit perhaps the equal of an adolescent Oscar Wilde or Voltaire. But Richards' pronounced voice and depiction of Melchior’s burning insecurities transforms a simple know-it-all into a rebellious everyman."

for Melchior Gabor in Spring Awakening

Since arriving in Los Angeles at the dawn of 2018, I've thankfully been fast to find communities. Keeping busy working on shorts, photo projects, walking everywhere, crafting traveling silent dance parties, and exhuming what light and wonder I can from this twisted city. I hope to get the opportunity to make something beautiful with whomever may have read along.


speed and purpose,



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